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Marine Fire Equipments

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Environmentally-friendly. The preferred fire suppression system for vital facilities that can't afford fire-related business interruption of process controls, automated industrial operations, robotics, etc. Active on fire, but inert on people; non-toxic when used per NFPA Standard 2001. Safe, no-residue protection for Class A, B and C fires.
Every Kidde system checked for design accuracy. Designed for maximum protection with minimum hardware; less space, lower cost. UL Listed and Factory Mutual approved.
FM-200, also known as HFC-227ea, is a clean, gaseous agent containing no particulates or oily residues that provides protection equal to that of Halon 1301. The minimum design concentration of FM-200 is 7.0% by volume, compared to 5.0% for Halon 1301. This results in about 66% more agent by weight required compared to a typical Halon 1301 system.
FM-200 safe for use in occupied areas since it has a NOAEL of 9% and a LOAEL of a least 10.5%, while its design concentration is 7%. There are no applications or use restrictions for FM-200 on the EPA SNAP List. 
FM-200 is discharged within ten seconds, minimizing non-thermal damage from smoke and particulates. The relatively high boiling point of FM-200 reduces the danger of thermal shock to delicate electronics that can occur from direct discharge of other agents such as CO2.

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